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Volume 06


January 2016


This volume is inspired by the city we call our home. A city where a fiercely independent community of brewers and bar owners have shaped a brewing industry unlike that found anywhere else in the UK.

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Volume 06


Moor Beer Co.
Words by Sam Turner, Photography by Thomas Hanks

Tasting: Moor Beer Co.
Words by Alec Latham & Liz Dodd, Photography by Nicholas Dawes

Exploring Bristol
Words by Ari Haber, Photography by Nicci Peet

Bristol Beer Week
Words by Nicholas Dawes, Photography by Thomas Hanks & Nicci Peet

Wiper & True
Words by Nicholas Dawes, Photography by Nicci Peet

Celeriac Savoury Porridge
Recipe by Grub & Grog, Photography by Mark Newton

Into the Wild
Words by Connor Murphy, Photography by Michael Jenkins

Brewing: American Brown
Words & Photography by Simon James

Humulus Lupulus: Jester
Words by Simon James, Illustrations by Yulia Shevchenko

Design: Omnipollo
Words by Michael Jenkins, Photography by Gustav Karlsson Frost & Simon James

In Conversation With: Stu McKinlay
Words & Photography by Michael Jenkins

About this Volume

This volume is inspired by the city we call our home, and by the people who have helped to shape its brewing landscape.  A city where keg sits comfortably alongside cask, as arguments over methods of dispense are lost to the cause of good beer.  A city whose fierce independence has forged a community of brewers and bar owners, to champion one of the most exciting and diverse beer scenes anywhere in the UK.

Through an extensive exploration of the city, we immerse ourselves amongst this community; from the outspoken brewer championing a life less filtered, to an impassioned resident extolling its virtues, and a  couple starting a new life outside of the capital.

Away from the south west, we delve into the world of psychedelic art and design with serial entrepreneur Karl Grandin, who shares his passion for adventure and shines a light on the intriguing Omnipollo universe.  We meet Chorlton Brewing Co.’s Mike Marcus, who is fusing the spirit of discovery with tradition, as he seeks to uncover lost strains of German Brettanomyces.  Finally, with his relaxed brand of music and brewing, we enjoy a beer with native New Zealander and Yeastie Boy Stu McKinlay, who encourages us to drink the Antipodean way.

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January 2016

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Printed in the UK by Pressision

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Fedrigoni Symbol Matt Plus 350gsm

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Fedrigoni Arcoprint EW 120gsm


(W)202mm x (H)276mm

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The Five Points Brewing Co.
Rastal GmbH
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