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Volume 04


April 2015


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Volume 04


Buxton Brewery
Words by Michael Jenkins, Photography by Simon James

Colonna & Hunter
Words by Michael Jenkins, Photography by Thom Heald

The Blank Canvas
Words by Alec Latham, Photography by Thom Heald & Mark Newton

Tasting: Gluten-Free Beers
Words by Simon James & Sarah Warman, Photography by Simon James

Craft Beer Rising
Words by Melissa Cole, Photography by Simon James

Collaboration in Cornwall
Words by Michael Jenkins, Photography by Thomas Hanks

Exploring Leeds
Words by Nicholas Dawes, Photography by Mark Newton

Lettuce Risotto with Belgian Golden Ale Prawns
Recipe & Photography by Ross Featherstone

Brewing: Weka Island Pale Ale
Words & Photography by Simon James, Recipe by Grant Walker

Humulus Lupulus: Goldings
Words by Ali Capper, Illustrations by Yulia Shevchenko

Twatty Beer Doodles
Words by Michael Jenkins, Illustrations by David Bishop

In Conversation With: Melissa Cole
Words by Nicholas Dawes, Photography by Simon James

About this Volume

Outside, the cool winter air has become more temperate and the leaves are returning to the trees - spring has arrived and with it comes the promise of rejuvenation.  Embracing the season, Volume 04 seeks to build upon one simple principle; to provide original and engaging content from the world of beer and brewing. 

In his extended essay, Alec Latham ponders the difficulties of describing taste as we become acclimatised to the familiar and develop ever more weird and wonderful palates.  Travelling the length and breadth of the country, we battle the inclement conditions to witness an almost unprecedented collaboration in Cornwall.  Heading north, we explore West Yorkshire and ask if the city of Leeds might well be the region’s capital of beer.

As we naturally gravitate towards the nation’s capital, we head to a rainy Borough Market for a few pints and a no-nonsense chat with Melissa Cole.  Back in the comfort of our own home, cooking and brewing have taken a fresh turn, as we’re joined by Ross Featherstone and Grant Walker to serve up some crisp and comforting spring sustenance.

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April 2015

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