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Since launching in 2014, we’ve seen the brewing scene develop and grow into one of the most exciting, innovative and dynamic industries. Few places better encapsulate this progressive culture than Brighton, a town which has, in recent years, nurtured one of the UK’s most diverse, inclusive and creative brewing scenes.

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Cover of Hop & Barley magazine Volume 10. The smaller form factor design feature Brighton Pavilion on the cover
Brighton Pier sign in the sunshine
Black and white image of a third of beer being poured at the Brighton Beer Dispensary. The beer is Siren's Don't Repeat Yourself at 4.5% ABV
Macro close up of the blue menu at Brighton's Dead Wax Social
Emma Inch poses for a photo outside a pub. She is raising her glass in the air as a cheers gesture.
A topless tattooed man in shorts rides in front of The Grain Store on a BMX
Owner of the Hand in Hand pub in Brighton poses outside of the pub with a pint in one hand. He has his other hand resting on top of a A board.
Brighton Pavilion in the sunshine
Hand pull beer tap at Brighton Bier. The light blue label says "South Coast IPA"
Jordan from Unbarred Brewery poses for a photo outside a pub. He is holding a glass of beer
Taps at the Hand in Hand pub in Brighton. Two of the hand pulls are for the Hand in Hands own beers brewed on site: High Five and Tickler
The bar at Brighton Beer Haus has a wall of keg taps set into white metro tiles. There is a large television screen which shows the wide array of beers available on the menu. The bar person is pouring a beer from one of the keg taps.
View out the sea on Brighton beach. It's a perfectly clear summers day with blue sea and cloudless light blue sky.
The owner of Brighton's Loud Shirt Brewer poses for a photo holding a beer. He is wearing a bright purple Hawaiian shirt. He is standing in front of a container at the brewery's tap room. Thee container has colourful bunting hanging from it..
A marcro style close up of a pork belly bao bun. Lunch at The Pond in Brighton

The people. The places. The stories.

Hop & Barley is an independent magazine which explores the people and stories behind the contemporary brewing movement. We strongly believe that it's the fervent energy of the community that makes the scene so special. Hop & Barley deliberately distances itself from news and reviews to uncover stories of the passionate people that keep pushing the fermented frontiers!
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Six members of the ultra running club, UTMBeers, pose for a photo in East London's Victoria Park
New in Volume 10

Legs to Carry Me Home

It’s already late evening when I arrive at the oval-shaped dirt track in the middle of East London’s Victoria Park that just about passes for a running circuit. The people I’m due to meet – an ultra running club that calls itself UTMBeers – are already whizzing around it with aplomb.
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Watercolour style illustration of a hop flower by Yulia Shevchenko
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